SAC Template Letters

Remember that School Advisory Councils (SACs) belong to you, the parents and guardians of the students in a school, by law. You set the agenda, and you decide how “political” you want yours to be. Principals are often supportive, and if yours is not, remind them that SACs are a family voice, not theirs!

Here are two English-language template letters available for you to click, download and share with your SAC

SAC letter in solidarity

SAC Letter opposing cuts

Here is the French-language template letter (Lettre pour Ministre/Conseil école)

Use the five steps outlined below to start a discussion at your SAC:

  1. Email your SAC chair to get letter sending on the agenda.
  2. Circulate the letters beforehand, if possible, or bring copies to the meeting (your SAC chair can help).
  3. At the meeting, when you agenda item comes up, introduce the letters and review them.
  4. Propose a simple motion (e.g. Be it resolved that our SAC submit these letters) then open the floor for discussion.
  5. VOTE! If passed by a majority of the SAC, send those letters!

Don’t forget to fill out this form to add your school to the list that have passed this motion. Over 30 Ontario SACs have sent letters already!

For more tips to mobilize at your school, check out the updated toolkit! 


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